First Presbyterian, Maumee, Ohio
October 2019

200 Years Celebration – The First Presbyterian Church in Maumee, Ohio is celebrating it’s 200th year. They wanted their members to take part in creating a piece that illustrated the history of their church.

I again worked with illustrator, Debra Buchanan to create 4 panels to visually represent their history and future. The first panel represents the first families who began to settle in the area around 1807. The second panel shows the original chapel, it was the taller building in the area at the time!

In the third panel the dirt paths are now paved roads and the strong tree with deep roots symbolize our past and the tree represents our logo and mission. finally the fourth panel represents the future. The leaves of the tree are reaching out to the community with the cross as their guidepost and the Holy Spirit leading them into the future.

For several Sundays and Weds church members took part in the mosaic process to help create these unique and stunning glass mosaic panels. The panels will be installed in the windows above the back entry of the church.

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