Lorain Ohio Library, Lorain, Ohio

This mural depicts the downtown bridge and a book opening on the top of this local landmark. Lorain is right on Lake Erie and the birds and water are part of the everyday life here. The boat in the mural is a local tourist attraction.

The main branch of the Lorain Library is in downtown Lorain, a downtown that has been hit hard by the closing of the steel mills. Many of the store fronts are empty and closed up and that goes on for block after block. Imagine what an unlikely opportunity these community members stumbled upon the days I was set up in the lobby of the library and asking them to take part in a mosaic art project?

Along with the chance to interact with all sorts of people for the few days I spent at the Lorain Library, each large-scale project presents it’s own set of unique issues, and there is almost always a unique approach that needs to be taken on the mural installation. This library did not want to have to deal with reinforcing or modifying the proposed wall for the mural. So, that factor was incorporated into the overall design of the piece.

This mural is comprised of 12 panels, each 20” by 30”. The panels will be hung together to create one large mural. The difference is that these panels will be hung individually with French cleat hangers and have a few inches that separate the panels for a grid style look.

It was a dynamic and interesting approach. Every mural has distinct client and building limitations and requirements. This project was no different and I look at the process as an opportunity to come up with a creative solution.

My goals for a community-based mural never really change; make my client happy with the end result and their investment, create a piece of art that can be appreciated and enjoyed, and finally give people the opportunity to be part of a permanent art installation.

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