Mercy Cancer Center, Perrysburg, Ohio

The new Mercy Cancer Center in Perrysburg Ohio has recently installed 12 panels depicting life through the four seasons. The hallway windows connecting the Emergency Room and Cancer Center is now home to beautiful, bright mosaic panels.

The imagery represents the flow of seasons. The first set of three panels illustrates Spring to Summer with a bright sunrise. The next set of panels shows Summer to Fall with a swirly “Van Gough” sky and farm fields.

The third set features Fall to Winter featuring a colorful sky and even a friendly deer getting a drink from the stream in the foreground.

Finally, the panels go from Winter and back to spring. These panels come to life with snow covered rolling hills and icicles dangling from the branches.

We all have seasons of our lives and each season brings new discoveries. Along with the help of illustrator Deb Buchanan, the staff of the Mercy Cancer Center and the community members, these panels will bring a chance for patients and families to reflect on the beauty throughout the seasons of their lives.

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