Clark State Performing Arts Center
Project Jericho, Springfield, Ohio

Once again I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Project Jericho in Springfield, Ohio. The 2017 summer camp, KALEIDOSCOPE, was build on the idea that muck like a kaleidoscope, the details of our lives can be represented by colorful, but broken, bits and pieces. While we can’t always change our bits and pieces, our circumstances or realities, we CAN choose to take on a new perspectives or viewpoints. And, as we change our perspectives, we change our minds and unleash the potential to change the world.

It was a fun and fulfilling week marked by the relationships and artwork that were created and by the integrity, kindness, authenticity, creativity, and gratitude shown by all.

In addition to individual projects with watercolors, glass and resin, exploring how to put music into a visual, we created a collaborative piece that is now installed in the lobby of the Clark State Performing Arts Center.

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