Shattering Stigma, Toledo, Ohio

Once again I have the privilege and opportunity to address a message of reducing the stigma of mental illness with my art. I have partnered with the Zepf Center and we are working on creating two mosaic murals through a grant with The Toledo Community Foundation and the David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation Fund.

The first mural will be a collection of portraits/faces. There will be a two famous faces, Abraham Lincoln and Vincent Van Gogh. They each suffered from mental illness. The remainder of the faces will be from the Zepf Expressive Arts program and their clients. The client each created a visual that represents how they see themselves or how others see them. These pieces will be installed on The City Paper’s building at 12th St. and Adams.

Outreach and community sessions are to begin in March.

The other location, 20 North St. Clair St that will feature an abstract visual created by Zepf’s Stacy Spinazze of their Expressive Arts Program. This visual represents the fact¬†that 1 in 25 people experience a mental health occurrence each year. The circles indicate that 1 in 5 will be experience a serious mental illness each year. The multi-colored section indicates the variety of mental health diagnoses. ¬†

Once again we are collaborating with The Toledo Streets newspaper and their vendors are nipping and sorting glass for these murals. We also are partnering with The Toledo Downtown Public Library. We are using one of their newly renovated community rooms for the preparation of the glass.

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