Miscellaneous Projects

On some occasions my clients want me to work with them on unique projects, here are a few of those projects!

Veterans Skyway Bridge, Toledo Ohio
Bridge Column Lighting Design

The Toledo Arts Commission gathered 10 local artists to create light designs for the Veteran’s Skyway bridge. The suspension bridge has a central column that has an updated lighting system.

My first design was based on pieces of glass that I work with on a daily basis. I chose a series of blue and orange variegated glass. The blue represents the Maumee River and Lake Erie and the orange represents our sunsets. We created video of the glass panels that the lighting team converted into a lighting sequence for the tower.

The second design I created was inspired by the Henri Matisse.This Matisse selection, Apollo, is from The Toledo Art Museum and will be represented by a series of colored lights on the bridge columns. Matisse to me symbolizes fortitude and drive to never give up on your dreams and goals.  

Currently, the bridge/artist concepts are in the process of being displayed on the bridge column. More to come soon.

Jackson County Youth Center, Jackson, Michigan
Resin Pieces for Future Mural

Another collaboration with Youth Arts Alliance in Jackson Michigan. This summer we created resin panels that will eventually be displayed as a whole mural.

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Abe’s Garden, Nashville, TN
Bird Bath for Alzhiemers unit

A 3-D commission. A 3 ft high fabricated bird bath.

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Berdan Building, Toledo, Ohio
New Building Mosaic Medallions

The redeveloped Berdan Building needed two entryway mosaics recreated and replaced.

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