Excitement in This Group Effort was Contagious

After seeing the unique art from Animal House Glass, The Victory Center (TVC) commissioned owner/artist Gail Christofferson to design and create a signature artwork in honor of TVC’s 15th Anniversary in spring 2011. The resulting mosaic is absolutely stunning. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Gail worked with more than 40 different individuals at The Victory Center on this piece, including cancer patients, volunteers, staff members, Board members and survivors. Without exception, she was gentle, warm, caring and fun. The feedback from people who participated over the four sessions all reported having a great time and their excitement over taking part in this group effort was contagious.

We highly recommend Gail to do any classes or community-focused projects. You won’t be disappointed.

Dianna L. Cherry
Executive Director

Penny McCloskey
Program Director


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